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The latest collection of Hip Hop watches is characterized by what can be defined as a true technological revolution. The typical quartz movement has in fact been replaced by a solar one - eco-friendly, clean, young and very fashionable. This 'bright idea' of using a solar movement is yet another statement of Hip Hop's attitude towards innovation, but it also renews values such as energy, freshness and a carefree spirit - which become key to deal with such a serious topic as the environment. The twelve Solar Hip Hop watches are fun and colorful and charge through tiny solar cells that can catch any type of light - both natural and artificial - and turn it into energy. The light filters through the letter H punched inside the white dial and charges the mini-solar panels: a full charge guarantees a four-month functioning range. No more battery change! To make the most of such an amazing movement, Hip Hop changes look: the strap weave becomes more geometrical and linear, thus revealing an utterly unisex spirit enhanced by the 34mm case. The brand characteristics remain unchanged: use of silicon, interchangeability of the straps, water resistance up to 5 atmospheres. Solar Hip Hop opens up bright new horizons.
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